Kore 優質麥蘆卡蜂蜜MGO 263+250g

Kore Premium 263+ Manuka Honey 250g

KORE™ MGO 263+ (相當於UMF 10 +) 麥蘆卡蜂蜜擁有卓越益處,這是一種強效的蜂蜜,採自紐西蘭原始荒野。每一滴琥珀色的蜂蜜都是紐西蘭麥蘆卡蜂蜜寶藏證明,它帶來濃郁的口感和風味,與其他蜂蜜迥然不同。 我們的麥蘆卡蜂蜜不僅是一種美味的享受,更是健康的象徵。

憑藉263+的MGO評級,它充滿了甲基乙二醛,這種化合物賦予麥蘆卡蜂蜜卓越的抗菌特性。這個評級對應UMF 10+,表示麥蘆卡蜂蜜中天然存在的獨特化合物濃度高,有助於增強健康效益。適用於維持免疫系統健康和舒緩輕度感冒症狀。它具有更強的抗菌特性,能夠對抗細菌感染並促進傷口癒合。

Unveil the extraordinary benefits of KORE™ MGO 263+ Manuka Honey, a potent elixir harvested from New Zealand’s untouched wilderness. Each drop of this amber delight is a testament to New Zealand’s Manuka bounty, offering a robust, earthy flavor that sets it apart from other honeys. Our Manuka honey is more than a delectable indulgence; it’s a beacon of wellness.

With an MGO rating of 263+, it’s brimming with Methylglyoxal, the compound that gives Manuka honey its renowned antibacterial properties. This rating corresponds to a UMF 10+, indicating a high concentration of unique, naturally occurring compounds in Manuka honey that contribute to its health-enhancing properties. This grade is effective in maintaining a healthy immune system and relieving mild cold symptoms. It possesses stronger antibacterial abilities, combating bacterial infections and promoting wound healing.

Kore 優質麥蘆卡蜂蜜263+250g Kore Premium 263+ Manuka Honey 250g

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