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🐝 Leven純天然蜂蜜 (500g)

🐝 Leven Virgin Forest Honey (500g)

💰特價:$168 pc (原價$238)


🔸產地: 婆羅洲熱帶雨林



Leven 直接從蜜蜂自己製作的樹蜂箱中收穫所有蜂蜜。這種天然產生的蜂蜜更加純淨和獨特,因為它攜帶著森林的能量和構成雨林的各種植物的平衡。

蜂蜜沒有經過熱/冷過程,只是經過過濾 ,蜂蜜得以保持原有品質和口味。

蜂蜜是世界上唯一不會過期的食物之一。因此,您可以享受 Leven 提供的最長使用壽命的產品。

Leven 與當地人達成了公平貿易協議,確保他們不會從婆羅洲熱帶雨林的巨型蜜蜂身上提取蜂蜜,亦不會踏入居住在附近的土著人民的邊界內,以便土著人民可以依靠生產蜂蜜為生。

Leven 還確保這些巨型蜜蜂棲息的周圍熱帶雨林得到保護。

Leven 原始森林蜂蜜是在嚴格的條件下生產的,因此是零污染,100% 純淨和原始的。此外,它亦沒有人工香料和添加劑。


Leven Virgin Forest Honey. The honey is 100% pure and comes from the rainforests of Borneo.

Leven wanted to make sure that they did not extract the honey from Borneo's rainforest giant honey bees without stepping within the boundaries of the indigenous people living in the vicinity. So, Leven struck a fairtrade agreement with the local people so that they can depend on producing the honey for their livelihood and Leven can also make sure that the surrounding tropical rainforests where these giant honey bees inhabit are under conservation.

Leven Virgin Forest Honey is produced under stringent conditions so that there will be zero contamination, and therefore is 100% pure and raw. In addition, it has no artificial flavours and additives.

Brewed from more than 100 different flower species In the undisturbed rainforest of Borneo, these are some of the only places that you can find the unique plant characterisations and flowers that make up the honey product from these bees such as hibiscus, multiple species of orchids and melastoma shrub flowers. Many of these types of flowers do not exist in Europe or North America which only grow in the Borneo rainforest.

Originally harvested from beehives on trees To take natural honey to an entirely new level Leven harvest all honey directly from tree beehives made by the bees themselves. This naturally occurring honey is much more pure and unique tasting because it carries the energy of the forest and the balance from the various plants that make up the rainforest.

✔️No hot / cold process just filtered With Leven's stringent testing as well as the simple filtration process Leven delivers a product that is 100% natural and unchanged in its taste. In many cases using high and low temperatures can change the flavours and Leven do not want to compromise and spoil the work that nature has done.

 No expiry date Honey is one of the only types of food in the world that does not expire. Just like any type of honey that's produced in nature real and pure honey has no type of expiry date and as a result, you can enjoy the longest lifespan of the product that Leven delivers.

✔️ Packed in glass bottle When honey is packed in plastic containers or other types of materials it can often leach chemicals into the flavours. Leven do not believe in compromising the flavour of natural honey one bit and as a result, Leven produce Borneo rainforest honey that is packaged in glass bottles. Using this type of packaging you can get the freshest version of honey directly to your store shelves. Taste the balance of the forest without any compromise!

Leven Virgin Forest Honey 蜂蜜-500g 產地: 婆羅洲
16800 23800

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